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Hi, I'm John Randolph Jones
John Randolph Jones today
John Randolph Jones today (photo John D Morton)
      When I was directed by Elia Kazan in a film with Kirk Douglas and Faye Dunaway, I had no idea that I'd be a farmer-but it happened. After driving soda trucks for Canada Dry, and taxis in two cities, as well as peddling hot dogs and scraping floors on New York's upper West Side for seven years, my career took off into 4 Broadway shows, and 15 to 20 films, working with directors Elia Kazan, Mike Nichols, and Sidney Lumet. I worked on Broadway with the theatre giant, Tyrone Guthrie. I shot 400 on-camera commercials, 3000 radio spots, a couple of hundred voice-overs and a similar number of industrial films, and later over 50 audio books. During all this I took a little time off for cancer, divorce, alcoholism and recovery, and even a little heavy stuff. I think I'm best remembered as the cab dispatcher who punched Steve Martin in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. I can talk like a duck, and now I even own a few.
Click here to read a chapter from my autobiography,
"Broadway Actor Buys the Farm":
My holiday gift to you, my reading of Dylan Thomas's
A Child's Christmas in Wales:
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Planes, Trains and Automobiles:
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